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Rockstoc’s blogs are a curated collection of articles, interviews, and journal entries exploring the ways in which people and precious gemstones connect – because jewelry holds a significance that reaches deeper than its inherent beauty. Gems serve as talismans, amulets, and symbols of our greatest joys and sorrows, as potent vessels for feelings and emotions that are difficult to convey with words alone.

Join us as we explore the latest news and trends in the world of adornment, explain the science behind the formation of precious gemstones, and document our travels around the world seeking out the unique connections between man and the beautiful jewels he produces from every corner of the globe. As each gem begins its path from the ground to its possessor, it touches people from all walks of life.

Miners in Myanmar, cutters in India, brokers in Bangkok – all contribute to and are impacted by the production of the jewels we treasure. Our blog focuses on the stories behind the gems – the players who take them from rough to finished jewels, why they have chosen this path, and the ways in which the unique experiences of these artisans contribute to the rich history of the finished piece.



 Blog Writers


Yvonne Jiew
Yvonne Jiew



I’m Yvonne Jiew, owner and founder of Rockstoc LLC. I have loved rocks and minerals since I was a kid and have spent the past 15 years of my life traveling across the world to source extraordinary precious gemstones and jewelry. I am happiest when I am meeting and working with the artisans at the root of a gem’s journey – the miners and cutters who form the nucleus of our collaborative work.

I believe that jewelry should be sustainable and should be made using responsible practices that enrich the lives of every person along its path. My articles chronicle the journeys of these stones from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Europe, and across virtually every corner of the globe. I also write the gem geek portion of our blog.



Jennifer Ramage
 Jennifer Ramage

My name is Jennifer Ramage, and apart from fabrication, I have worked in almost every facet of the jewelry industry. I am and have always been a lover of jewels and gems, and nothing makes me happier than being at my laptop, learning and writing about my passion.

I spent my summers as a child rummaging through the drawers of my grandmother’s jewelry armoire with her, carefully examining her mother’s wedding rings and my grandfather’s Purple Heart, each with equal reverence. I learned to appreciate the deep meaning these pieces held, and today I approach the topic of jewelry and its symbolism with the same respect.

My degrees in anthropology and humanities have underscored the cultural and symbolic importance that jewelry holds for the wearer, and this understanding forms the cornerstone of my approach to understanding the art of adornment. I write our jewelry history, legends, and lore sections, while also exploring the latest trends in design for our industry.

The opinions expressed in these blog posts are solely of the author(s) and may not represent the views of Rockstoc LLC. 


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