Custom Lapidary Services

Rockstoc prides itself on its strong, longstanding relationships with domestic and international lapidary artists of the highest caliber. Wherever they call home in the world, you can rest assured that our artists are selected for their high standards and meticulous craftsmanship.

American Cutters

We love supporting our community, and being based in Austin, Texas gives us the privilege to work with some of the finest cutters and carvers the United States has to offer.


Shawn helps us with fine gems and generally better stones. His technique of "nip and peck" allows him to work through the stones to give them optimum weight and polish without sacrificing the yield. 

Shawn can either do precision cut or adaptive cutting (best for fine stones i.e Burmese ruby etc)

An application with the details of the rough will need to be submitted alongside with a short brief outlining exactly what you would like to do.

Upon deposit the first consultation can be arranged via zoom or phone call. Turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks. 


Pricing Table for Shawn 

 1 to 3cts
 $350 flat fee per stone
 3 to 5cts
 $500 flat fee per stone
 5 to 7cts
 $600 flat fee per stone
 7 to 9.9cts
 $750 flat fee for the stone
 10cts and up
 Starts from $800
 Other Charges
 Extra $100 per stone if material is difficult to work with   (I.e. Lots of inclusions etc.) or they are harder than an MOH 8 i.e. sapphires

Deposit: 50%


We do not cut

  • Paraiba Tourmaline
  • Emerald
  • Diamonds
  • Chrome Tourmaline
  • Certain Afghan Tourmaline

A hand holding a large ametrine
A large ametrine faceted by Shawn

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